[Review] Sanchez covers Brown Eyed Soul ‘Nothing Better’

One of the best voices now in Korean music industry. He is from the group Phantom.
I think people would agree with me that he really does have a good future if he continues to sing good songs.

Twitter: @NZmightySanchez


[Review] As One – What are we? / 애즈원 – 우리 무슨 사이야?

They are back with a new track called ‘What are we’ featuring Bumkey. This song fits to your ears. As One never fails to amazed me because of their songs.

애즈원 – 우리 무슨 사이야?
This song is about a relationship which confusing from the two person whether are what are they? in a relationship or not? what is the significance of that person to you.

video credit: brandnewmusickorea