Jay Park in Manila

Jay Park in Manila, a short interview of Jay park earlier courtesy of ABS-CBN media partner for his FM. Eat you heart with Jay Park he will always be loved by the people no wonder he is a Big Artist right now, what you see is what you get from him i could not sleep because of this experience, he was so handsome and nice to his korean and pinoy fans thanks for visiting the Philippines maraming maraming salamat sa inyo

msg to Jay Park
people really love you,thanks for accepting the letters and dried mangoes we gave to you~~i’ll cherish the moment i saw you and ur crew members

chacha-tony-daniel-hep-junior thanks for nice performance at the fan meeting last Oct 3, 2010

man you’re awesome hope to see ur crew here also in the philippines hope you all like this


october 1, 2010

SHOWTIME guest was Jay Park together with steproc AOM and Andrew of SoRealCru they performed DEMON..sorry hands are shaking during the recording cause i really want to see them while recording..super fun these trio got great moves to empressed us studio audience~~^^

jay park at showtime october 1, 2010
part 2 sorry for the low quality i was just using my phone thru the entire program he was so nice and amazed how people welcome him and his crew at showtime 😀

okay i was just right behind jay park to tell you the truth i really want to see up close his tattoo so this is it guys this is all i could get jay park tattoo on his ear ^^ still at dusit thani hotel jaywalkerz out there well this is my fan cam during the event,hope y’all like it this is the best quality i can give and of course u y’all gonna hear fans screaming ^^ this was held last 3rd of october at SMX convention center




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